The Chompyzone | 07/01/04

Welcome, friends, to...the chompy zone. This page set a new record for daily hits today with 36. I got around to putting all the old entries up as well as making that little picture of Chompy in the upper-left-hand corner. I met up with Jamie for a tour of her employer, HealthSouth (I think). The beauty of the pastel interior decor was only matched by the sweet stench of urine. Particularly disturbing, along the lines of urine, were the permanent stains on every gurney, all in the same spot. I saw her closet of an office and we crammed ourselves in to eat some Chick-Fil-A, turning down the always-delectable ox tails being served for a dollar in the mess hall. I came home and watched a program on mining in the late 1800s. God, I'm dork. Chompy, The Ab and I went over to Jamie's for some homemade chicken. Chompy and Abby were particularly crazy and someone took a large #2 on the carpet. Who was it?

I'm supposed to hear back from W&M tomorrow. I hope I'm able to sleep. Kathy leaves for Oz tomorrow. Hopefully by the time she gets back I'll have a job and she can help me move. With everyone else. Like you. Help me.




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