Music in our schools | 09/05/06

People are so stupid. The reason we're supposed to be teaching music to kids isn't so they'll grow up to play in Symphony Orchestras or live at home until they're 30. Most kids that play music grow up to do other things--and do those other things well. I feel like most people I know who had a healthy background in music are really, really good at what they do. AND, more importantly, they're really good at doing other things. Music forces you to think critically--gee, I only play four notes in this song and I can play them a trillion different ways, I wonder which way would be the best. Bam. There you go. Suddenly, twenty years later you're sitting at your adult-work-desk saying, "gee, I have to write this function, I wonder which way would be the best"--your foundation is already there. Bam.




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