Grr..Dale Olsen | 08/30/04

It's only 7:03pm, but when you're unemployed, there's not a whole lot more to the day than writing journal entries, playing Cribbage online and making Photoshop collages to document your Cribbage greatness.

I woke up eager for at 6:30am and made it there by 7:45. I putzed around for fifteen minutes and then met with the woman from whom I was going to fill in. Everything was going really smoothly. Then her boss, my would-be-boss, came in and we sat down to a brief interview. She was an uneasy woman who now travels around Florida making sure the state holds onto its prestigious ranking of the 40th smartest state in the union. I thought everything went fine aside from the fact she was one of those people that tells you how blunt she can be and asks how thick your skin is because she's really so timid she has to make sure to talk a big game. Oh! And that was the case. After our interview she came out from behind the closed door to tell me that I didn't have the skills on MS Access to do the job. Uh, the girl going on leave told me that was almost 0% of the job... Gee, and thanks for testing me. In the interview I said of the sections of MS Office I was the weakest in Access, which is true because a) no one uses it b) it has about three functions and c) BUT my knowledge of it is still a solid 7-8/10. I'm sorry that I know how to do everything in FrontPage, Word and Excel. You stupid idiot, you couldn't even change your paper to landscape and you have the audacity to tell me that I don't have the skills? What else could I do? I left. I discovered I had a nearly flat tire when I made it out to the car. I talked to Manpower and told them I was "really, really pissed off". They kept telling me to leave the jobsite, even though I told them at least four times I was either in my car or at a gas station filling up my tire from 3 psi. Like I'm going to start punching? Stabbing? Poking? Prodding? Wounding? Slamming? Destroying? Slaying? What did they expect me to do? I've been a great employee so far and surely they must realize that although I'm moody as sin I'm not going to go on a killing spree. I made it home and took a nap. Jamie brought me a Sad Sundae from McDonald's after work but even cheating on Yahoo Euchre couldn't cheer me up. When she left for class I decided to play Cribbage against something other than Mark and the cards were unbelievable. I made a little flow chart of the events in one particular game. Note the cards in the upper-right hand corner are the best hand you can possibly be dealt. To put things into perspective for someone who knows only poker, it's the royal flush. Maybe I need to devote all my efforts to winning Cribbage championships. Too bad I wouldn't have the money to even enter one. Goddam you, Department of Education and Ruthe Henry. There's a reason all the schools you're responsible for only scored in the 23% percentile. Because you're a goddam idiot who jumps to conclusions because you know everything. Yeah, that's right you bitch, you know everything. Well I bet you don't know this, I'm keeping my damn parking pass so I can park there whenever I want. Take that, bitch.

Dale Olsen emailed me today and informed me that we couldn't use the steel band room to rehearse anymore. What?! I had no idea this was coming!!




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