Biotch | 08/27/04

Well, my time at SES is finally up. I have nothing but nice things to say about the people there. My boss, Mark, should run for office--he's the kind of guy that we really to be in charge. Sure, he's a staunch Republican but I'd vote for him. He's a quiet guy that just gets things done. Everyone does what he says without exception. He never gets pissed. Ever. One of the other engineers told me he had to beg him (Mark) to fire a couple of guys before he did it. He's a genuinely nice guy who just is in charge. Sure, he watches golf when there's nothing to do but I'm willing to forgive him for that. Anyway, he needs to run for something.

I was reading an article online a few months ago early in the morning. It was about a biotch company. Biotch? What's up, biotch. I kept reading and couldn't believe this was on the CNN page. I thought it was joke and was laughing hysterically throughout the entire article. I sent the link to a bunch of people and no one else even found it remotely funny. Like, not even remotely. Later that night I looked it up again to get a good laugh but, with my contacts in, I realized I had missed the "e" in biotch...stupid biotech.




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