Jamie's Got a Blog | 08/26/04

I am way "two-tired" to write a good update. Get it? A bicycle? Two-tired? Well, ok. I found out that Friday is going to be my last day at Southern Earth Sciences. I really don't care for the job but I really like the people, so I guess it's good and bad. The good news is I start at the Department of Education (again) on Monday, working for the Florida Pilot Teachers program. I'll most likely be there for at least three months and hopefully afterwards they'll see I'm so talented that they'll hire me on with a little more responsibility. What's better is I'll finally be making $12/hr (within the promised range) for the first time. I worked about an hour of overtime yesterday, between my half-hour lunch and staying to finish a new form in MS Word, the bane of existence for my boss. I know how he loves WordPerfect 5.1, but with all the wierd things I had to do with page breaks, it just couldn't be done with that program. After work I dropped off Jamie's stand to the steel drum room before coming home to hang out with Dr. Chomp for a few hours. Jamie and I stopped at Subway on our way to the Provost Gig rehearsal but still made it by 8:20. Not that it mattered because we didn't start playing until around 8:50 because there were droves of Mas N' Steel students still in the room just sitting around for no apparent reason. The rehearsal did not go particularly smoothly. Between Matt's not bringing a couple of the songs, to my poor set-list choices, to Matt, Jeff and I sight-reading parts on some songs, we really had no choice but to make plans to rehearse again. In addition to that ,we didn't even know the exact times or location of this. I guess I need to email Dee Beggarly and find out. I'm hesitant about leaving info sheets at this gig. I get a really bad vibe about it. And so far all of my bad vibes have come horribly true, or are at least prepared to come horribly true. Ah, for want of being an optimist.

If my journal isn't boring enough for you (but it should be), Jamie now has one of those live-journal things.




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