Southern Earth Sciences | 08/25/04

Yeah, I did nothing on Tuesday. Wednesday, though, what a Wednesday! I finally made it to work on time and immediately started preparing for the big mail-out. I had to go to the Bank of America on my lunch break and man, they are the least people-oriented bank I've ever known. I understand it's a bank and like any other bank, they want your money, which is fine. But if you're thinking of opening a new account, do it someplace where you're treated like a decent human being (NOT Bank of America). They were so unhelpful I decided to pull all my money out and move to Wachovia. Not that they're going to be hurting for money, but still, a bank should work for you if you keep your moola there. I talked to Jeff J. briefly on my lunch break and we said all the right things to hopefully ensure at least workable relationship in the future. It's been rumored that FSU has a number of gigs (five, by the rumor) already lined up. While I don't know any details and the information was passed on by a whole string of people, nonetheless I'm still pissed. I won't be pissed if the gigs aren't related to our previous gigs, though. If they, are, look out. After work I had my interview with WCOT. It took about two and a half hours and will air either next Friday or Saturday. Aside from the fact I probably sounded dull as hell and I had to play random notes on all the pans except for lead, Gil (the producer) and I got along very well. He told me where he gets his music and that I should contact them about doing some contract work for them. I might just do that. Now, though, it's bedtime.


I'm pretty sure I left out a crucial part of my day yesterday because I was so tired when I wrote this. I seriously sprained my right wrist at work. I was hoping it would be better today but it's not. Even typing hurts, which really sucks. The only good to come of it is now I have an excuse to not play well on Friday. I'm sure no one will believe that I legitimately hurt it and am just using it as an excuse but seriously, it is killing me. It's all because of this stupid embossing machine...I had never used one before and figured you really had to drive the top down in order to emboss things...but no, very little pressure is required. On my first one, I slammed the top down and bent my wrist upwards in a very shocking manner. Even worse, I had to hobble around the copy room trying to not to scream and/or cry. In other news, I also somehow did something to the effect of pinching the nerve (if there's even one) in my left pinky. I have almost no feeling in it at times. Friday is my last day at SES and both today (Thursday) and tomorrow the employee I'm temping for is working half-days, which means I'm either going to be reprimanded four hours a day for the next two days or have nothing at all to do. Good thing there's a TV that's constantly left on so I can get my daily fix of The Price Is Right and The Andy Griffith Show.




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