I hate movies | 08/21/04

It's no secret that I don't watch many movies. In the past year I've probably seen a solid ten or so, which puts me on an Olympic movie-watching pace as far as I'm concerned. The best movie I've seen, out of these meager ten choices, has got to be Bad Santa with Billy Bob Thornton. Brian posted a nice review on his site and as much as I hate to directly copy his material, it's true--the movie is great. Throughout the movie you are just aghast that the things that happen. I wasn't as shocked at the actual doings of the drunken Klaus as much as the movie's director's take on the little kid in the main story and the director's just warped let's-not-do-anything-that's-supposed-to-happen. From the sheer retardation of the little kid and his talking walnut to the horrific murder of Bernie Mac, it was just a great movie. You saw things coming, of course, but never to the cruel extent that happened. Best of all, it's funny. Damn funny. Ok, there are a couple parts where the childish nut-kicking humor might have gone a slight bit too far and a lot of the back-and-forth lines could have been easily written by a schizophrenic Matt Flynn for their random collection of expletives but it doesn't matter because it's so over the top it's hilarious. Go watch it. Right now.




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