Go State! | 09/04/06

Man, I spent so much time hand-making a graphic to celebrate FSU's win over Miami that I forgot to upload it. Damn. I spent a lot of time on that it. Oh well, I guess you'll get to see it tomorrow. Obviously Florida State dismantled Miami despite a rushing "attack" of all of 2 yards on the game. Even though the game was on all 450 ESPN channels we chose the traditional coverage with the two most biased announcers ever. Suck it! Before the game only one of the four analysts predicted an FSU win and they all commented about how great Miami's defense was and how FSU's was too new to be any good. Busted! Man, the best play was Some Miami Receiver just flat-out dropped that ball up the middle. Oh man, that was hot. Now it's smooth sailing until Florida, but they play in Tallahassee this year and FSU will be 10-0 at that point so hopefully they'll stick it to the Gators to make up for last year's ass-whipping.




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