Photoshop Tips | 08/18/04

Three important words: Remedial Photoshop Skills. I hope you like the banner I made for our upcoming gig at Kleman Plaza on Friday. We're only playing for an hour, so you really should hear us--we're really nothing like Mas N' Steel except for the fact, as Dr. Olsen would point out, we use the same drums. Sorry Jara, I didn't have a picture of you. Oh, Chompy and The Ab will be sitting in on congas and brake drum respectively.

My new job at Southern Earth Sciences suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. The people there are nice but a little too good ole boyish for me. I forgot that most professional people only have bachelors degrees. Here are these guys running nuclear tests with a BS from Southern Alabama University. While I've never been to SAU, I have rarely heard it referred to as the Harvard of southern Alabama. The only part of my day I enjoyed was when I was left alone in the office for an hour while everyone else took their 2 hour lunch break. During that time I broke out my custom Mp3 CD and rocked out with Black Sabbath before the Normal-Sabbath-Worshippers returned. My boss is a smart enough guy, really likeable (save that accent) but all he does is play Snood on the computer and bitch how much he hates computers. What KILLS me about him is that he keeps answering the fax machine. He'll pick up the phone part when it rings and then can't understand where his important faxes are. What's worse is this truly horrific filing system. There are no computer back-ups and, I kid you not, they hold onto the typewritten ribbons to check what was typed if a paper gets lost. See, this is fine for the woman who I'm replacing that has been working there for 16 years. But me, I have no idea where anything is. That being the case, there are four grown men digging around in these file draws for old typewriter ribbons trying to figure out what was typed in 1993 because some client is being sued. I tried to suggest keeping a back-up copy on the computer might not be a bad idea but they couldn't get past the fact that it is (in fact) possible to name files something other than the date. Apparently, they all name their files 08-18.04 (in one of the earliest versions of WordPerfect, I remind you). It doesn't matter if it's a resume or the results of a 28-day break of concrete, they have to remember the date they made the file and then flip through them all searching for the right one. So what happens if they do more than one thing on a given day? 08-18.04a Naturally there are letter names that go into the double-letter extensions. I'd really like to offer to just clean everything up but unfortunately the temp before me was truly incapable of inputting data into a spreadsheet so I have a huge stack of papers to flub through. Not that I'm doing a bad job, by any means, but to replace a woman who started working there when I was nine is impossible. They're all really good people, though and very smart despite their accents. I just wish they'd just throw everything away and start fresh.

Come to our gig. And bring friends. It's free.




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