Al Capone | 08/16/04

Al Capone, the mean South American Cichlid

Why hasn't Google updated my page yet? That's getting pretty irritating. Today was spent largely playing cards and talking to Visa. My credit card is very, very old and when I got it in 1996 my dad had to cosign for me. He said he'd call about raising the limit of credit because Visa apparently won't accept that sort of thing from a cell phone for whatever reason. He tries to do this and....*bam*, I've been rejected for whatever reason but since he's not me they won't tell him why. Long story short, they screwed up but it still scared me. When I called they approved me in under 20 seconds and my father was dumbfounded. I returned Michael's fish scoop and pitcher lid, which I've had for about thirty years. Possibly longer. Tomorrow my guesties leave and I trot to Pensacola to score my pan in time for a rehearsal tonight. Hooray.




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