Journal Slacking | 08/14/04

I've been a real slacker about my journal entries for the past week, writing them all, like, 12 hours later than I used to. Well, I'm really sorry. I haven't yet adjusted fully to the life of the working man and even though some really interesting things happen to me, I just have been too tired or swamped with other things to address them.

I have some guests in from out of town this week (for fun and profit). Matt Flynn rejected the name Abs of Steel but will undoubtedly be able to offer something truly outstanding...hah! Last night my brother, Naperville-Mark, Theory-Chris and Jamie sat down to some Texas Hold 'Em on Yahoo. Jamie was the big winner (surprise surprise) coming out $500 ahead and Steve and I both lost between 100-250 Yahoo Bucks. We all had a nice time zapping Mark about not loving the Cubs, especially Theory-Chris, who dished out some zing-zings.




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