More Hurricanes | 08/13/04

Sometimes living in Florida is no good!

Sucks to be in the peninsula of Florida. Hopefully everyone we know down in those parts has weathered the storm successfully. I had nothing to do at work today and, as if they sensed it from afar, Manpower called around 10am to tell me they had another assignment for me...and it started at 12:30. I hate being a temp because right when you master your job and your coworkers start to treat you like a human being you get moved to some new dump and have to do it all over again. This new job is off Capital Circle at a place that does soil and concrete samples for contractors. It pays well and I can wear whatever I want but their use of computers is terrible. Well, they don't really use computers and that's the problem. They're total technophobes and the woman I'm replacing is having surgery because she's in her mid-70s. They use index cards for orders and (get this) if they want to print something with a graphic they use paper that has the graphic already on it instead of inserting a graphic into a file. I suggested this and they acted as if I had suggested using an Oracle to predict sales futures. I assured them it was possible to embed a graphic into a word file so they wouldn't have to print pages 1-3 of a report, insert a paper with a graphic already on it, print it, then print pages 5-7. It's going to suck big time but the pay is almost $3 more an hour. As if Manpower hadn't irritated me enough by taking away four hours of do-nothing time today, the job I was excited about at the DoE isn't a real-real job. I'd be the executive secretary. Boo. What the hell do all the people in that building do? Surely I'm qualified to have some sort of real job that doesn't involve being someone's slave. Well, you would think so. Well, I think so.




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