You call that a hurricane? | 08/12/04

You call that a tropical storm? It rained for a couple hours, never more than moderately and the wind never even picked up enough to reveal my comb-over. Now I feel dumb for having gone to Publix to buy Hurricane goodies. It was raining a bit when I left for work but I made it there with no delays (not that it mattered). All the servers were down so we sat around until 10:15am, hanging out and leaving for breaks roughly every two minutes. The internet was back on around 10:30 but the applications servers weren't online yet, so I spent my morning playing some Bookworm. I had just finished making the word "Mainframes" in all bonus letters when the game informed me that I couldn't make words over nine letters. Had I not spent the past hour and a half trying to get a bonus "F" into the word I probably wouldn't have been pissed but since I did spend that long I stormed off to lunch. I was told to take an "extra long lunch" so I did, a full hour for the first time. When I returned everything was back online, so I did my typing for the next three and a half hours. Somewhere in there I received another call from Manpower telling me they had another job at the Department of Education and it was temp-to-hire at $13/hr as a real employee-employee. Like, I could ask a secretary to make copies of things for me or to fax things out. So, if YOU need a job and you're willing to give up all of your pride for some money and work as a temp, come be my secretary.




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