State Employee Sabotage | 08/10/04

I need to start writing more interesting entries. I say this for a couple of reasons. The first is that there seems to be more hits coming from bookmarked sites, which is fine. The second, and most important, is for some reason this is only a handful of sites that isn't blocked to me from work. Hence, I end up having to re-read my old entries because I get so damn bored with my job. I got there promptly at 8am today and decided to set a high bar for the number of time sheets I could do. I was told there is a total of 900. I'm not sure if that's 900 employees or 900 batches. It would seem impossible to do 900 batches in a week, though. This job is supposed to take one week, not less, not more. Apparently there are some secret implications if it is finished on a day other than Friday. My output has been pretty huge. One of my coworkers exclaimed excitement about finishing her fourth batch at around 3:30pm. By that point I was in my mid-20's. Here's where things get a little weird. If I didn't know better, I'd say my coworkers are trying to sabotage me. Today I was asked to rekey an entire batch (naturally the largest and most detailed) because "it wasn't in the computer". Ok, that's impossible. I know I did it because I remember thinking it was odd that a former ex-girlfriend's name was in there, complete with the weird spelling of her first name and I also remembered reading about someone's time off to run in some local election in Georgia. But where did the batch go? Since the program we're using was mad in the mid-1980s, there is only a delete database command. Hmm, how suspicious. After I blew 45 minutes reentering all my old work another mysterious problem--a database was locked and apparently I was in it. My supervisor comes over to give me the directions step by painful step and *bam*, the last step deletes it. So now I'm pissed as she shrugs and walks away after handing me another 100-some odd papers to redo. Now I'm mad. So mad that at 4:45 I missave the file I'm working on. And since I'm the last one there I can't ask for help, which means I'm going to get there tomorrow morning and get yelled about screwing up another file. Well, assuming the file is still there and it wasn't magically deleted.

After work I came home and played with Chompy while finishing up Flight of the Bumblebee. It's done but my printer still isn't duplexing which means I can't make scores (don't even suggest manual feed). Jamie, Chris and I went to Barnaby's for dinner. It was ok. On the way home we stopped at PetCo so I could buy Keanu Reeves (the fish) a new tank, since his old one was cracked in transport. Not that it was his tank before, but I figured he needs to stay in the fish-hospital now that I'm settled in to give his tail a chance to grow back. I also picked up some live plants and a poop-scoop. Once home, Jamie left me with a unsettling thought and I set-up the big tank with all the rocks and plants. I also set-up the new small tank but Keanu won't be moving in for at least a couple days while the bacteria cycles. He's currently in Baity Jr.'s 1 gallon tank that I bought for Jamie's birthday two years ago. Baity Jr. died of course, but I'm glad I kept his tank under my sink for just such an emergency.

Well, that should give me a little more to read while I work. Tomorrow I'm lowering my bar to ten 10 batches. At least then maybe I'll be left alone. I wish I had a game to play at work but without java, well, I'm just out of luck. Maybe you could do some fun searches for this page...every hour or so...please...




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