First Day of Work | 08/09/04

I must have woken up a half-dozen times between 2-6am thinking I had overslept my alarm. The morning went smoothly and I arrived at work by 7:45, where I waited in the assigned office until people started showing up. By 8:05 there was no one there so I went to a different office who confirmed that there was no one with the desired-name. They called around until they found my proper location in the lower-basement. I tunneled down there and after a two minute explanation of the job I could have done in 5th grade I was turned loose. I really could have done it in 5th grade--I look at time sheets and type in certain categories into a program written in 1983. There is no backspace option, so if you make a mistake it's in there for good unless you catch it when you're in that field. The only good news is that no one bothers me. I think maybe a dozen total words were spoken to me all day yesterday and that's a-okay. After work Jamie surprised me with a nice dinner and then we hit PetSmart and Dairy Queen before I went to bed at 11pm. Zzz.




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