Sibelius Sucks | 08/08/04

Ok, it's a late update. I was so tired last night I had to sleep. Here's a brief recap of my day. I woke up earlish to go out with Jamie's family for brunch at Jacob's (in the Double Tree Hotel). It was particularly good except for the bacon, which was excellent. We came back here, changed, then went back to her parents' house on our way to the Matt Flynn Dog Party. It was a pretty fun party; there were lots of dogs and I discovered that one of Jenny's co-worker's husbands is a doctoral student in guitar who really like my music. He knew E.J. at Eastman and he seems like a really great guy. More importantly, he wants to a guitar/pan duet. He's a really amazing guitarist and I'd love to play with him but I'm hearing more of a double seconds or triples part to go with the guitar. I have so many good ideas for the piece it's unfortunate that my queue of pieces is already so long. Speaking of which, Chris came over last night to show off his transcription of Rosanna, which is already playable and just needs the markings. It will give me a chance to learn Sibelius since it doesn't convert well into Finale. Before I made some pretty gross soup he showed Jamie how to use Speedy Edit so now I can pawn work off on them. I still hate speedy edit, if for no other reason than I don't know how to use it well. I'm more of a point and click guy. I made a banner just for kicks and there it is.




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