All hail Snooze | 08/07/04

Why does this always happen? You wake up 20 minutes before your alarm goes off, blink a couple of times and think, "Wow. I feel great." At this point you look at your alarm and say to yourself, "Wow. If I feel this great now think of how much greater I'll feel once I sleep for twenty more minutes!" Convinced of this logic, you allow yourself to go back to sleep. *HONK HONK HONK* Your alarm wakes up you 20 minutes later but now you feel terrible. Really terrible. You drag yourself out of bed and curse not getting up earlier and attempt to figure out what on earth happened. Such was the case today--6:10am: feeling great, 6:30am: feeling awful. I managed to get up and make it to Jamie's house right at 7:30am. Ooh, apparently I didn't have to be there until 7:45am--another 15 minutes of valuable sleep lost. Her parents showed up around 8 and they took some pictures before trotting off to the Civic Center for graduation. I managed to stay awake the first half because my seat was broken and every time I started to nod off I would slide down and wake up. Eventually Jamie's sister moved and I took her seat, guaranteeing my snooze. I woke up about one row before Jamie had her 1.5 seconds in the sun and after hearing her name I fell asleep until the doctoral hoodings. We broke protocol and left early, although I have no idea why--Jamie had to wait until the end. After leaving the chaos that was the Civic Center we went back to her parents' house and I took a brief nap. We met up with Chris and Michael at this farmhouse in Havana. It wasn't particularly good but it wasn't terrible...except the lemonade. Anyway, we left there and Jamie and I took Chompy out before exiling her back into her crate for the rest of the night then moved to her house to do the same with Ab. We flew down Mahan to our gig location near Monticello. The party was overrun by children and our setup made hearing the other players nearly impossible. I think we could have made 2x as much money as we did but alas. On the upside, 80% of our info sheets were taken. After the gig, Jamie and I came back here to hang out with the dogs and to play some online Euchre. That lasted about a half hour then I crashed for the evening.




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