Manpower | 08/06/04

It seems the first employer of the Manpower/Mike sweepstakes will be the Florida Department of Education. I will be working there for one week. Hoorah. The pay is atrocious but it's more than I'm making right now. I went over to Jamie's parents' house for dinner...a microwaved baked potato and a salad. Mmm mmm! Alas, if only I had broader food tastes. After dinner I came back and worked on the song Summertime Blues on the guitar before heading to rehearsal. Things went really well and the balance was incredible. Although it won't be the same without our beloved Michael, I think it will go really smoothly. When I arrived home I discovered Chompy had destroyed any and all cloth material that was touching her crate. I really need to move that thing downstairs. Tomorrow I have to be at Jamie's house at 7:30am to endure graduation and a day of faux-family time. Oh la la.




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