Mikepower | 08/05/04


I went to Manpower today and they said they could get me a job. They were way too happy to see me but I don't care because I need money. Apparently I can make between $10-13/hr, which, for the time being, is fine with me. They need to get my stuff from when I worked for them when I was in high school. Hopefully that office still has my stuff or else I'll have to retake all their stupid program tests. Jamie took me out to the Olive Garden and it was good. Afterwards we got some coffee from Black Dog and I ran into the kid, Dan, that played drum set on our last recording. He saw me standing around with Ab and came over and we chatted it up while Jamie got our beverages. Once home, we popped in School of Rock. It's not a bad movie. It's dumb in a lot of places and there are a lot of things that are just completely unbelievable but the kids they got were really talented and they songs they wrote, I have to admit, were extremely catchy.




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