Where'd the cheese go? | 08/04/04

Where'd my day go? (Where'd the cheese go? I don't know.) I got up around 9am to dog noise and, oh that's right I remember now. I called temp agencies all morning. All of them required a resume to be faxed so I once I finished typing up the most contrite cover letter in the history of the world I jogged (not literally of course--no exercise for me) up to FSU to send them over. Even though I had proofread them a dozen times here I apparently didn't catch the fact I left out the word "in" in the second paragraph. Oops. Looks like it's factory work for me. Manpower called me back within the hour to schedule an interview for tomorrow. I mailed off a package to Kansas, the first batch of songs for publication and chatted Bryan Richards up for a while before heading off to the computer lab to rip the songs from our CD. Oh, but there's no ripper in there and you can't download anything. Fortunately the lab monitor was too engrossed in the Peasant Quest (see yesterday's entry) and I distracted him with hints about rolling in the hay and throwing babies while I secretly typed in my admin password to disable all the locks. While he was slaying Trogdor, I downloaded some ripping program, ripped my CD, uninstalled it, brought it into CoolEdit for some last minute editing and monoizing before I logged out then chunked the samples page together. I came home and made a surprisingly good sandwich. Why is that surprising, you ask? Because I used chili mayonnaise. I bought it on a whim and reluctantly tried it today and I have to say--it was pretty hot...for mayo. After lunch I worked on some more scores and kind of lounged around instead of cleaning. Steve and I tried our hands (hah) in online Euchre but the force was not with us. For dinner I had an overcooked pizza (stupid oven) followed by my creation of the gig page. Hopefully there will be a lot of new gigs and the calendar will stay full. I also was informed my parents will be visiting me next weekend for their once-a-year-check-up-on-the-first-born-child. The rest of my evening was spent in front of Finale. Stupid Finale that crashed and lost four hours of work. I know, I could have saved but I didn't.

The highlight of my day was leaving the computer lab. It was there that I encountered a real live blind girl, complete with white stick. She must have heard my footsteps because she shouted at me to come over and help her find an office. I had never heard of this "Dr. Fenton" but agreed to look at the directory. Once I told her where the office was it dawned on me that the information I had so graciously provided was most likely of no help to her for obvious reasons. She then grabbed my arm and I started taking her to Room 222. When we got there I noticed the plaque on the door said "Dr. Bakan". I was in a hurry to move my car from the breezeway before the tow truck guys came so I told her this was it. She knocked on the door and thankfully whoever's office it was didn't answer. She asked me if I could deliver this manila envelope to his box and I agreed. I turned to walk away when she latched onto my arm again and asked if I could get her out of the building. I cheerily did so and opened the big doors to the outside. She said she could take it from there but as I turned around to go deliver the envelope I caught her running into the cement side of the archway. Anyway, that was my good deed of the day. I felt so good about myself for helping the less fortunate that I called Jamie to tell her, apparently unaware that's her job. Yeah, so I felt great.




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