The Rest of Your Life | 08/03/04

Unlike yesterday, getting up with no clock did not work to my benefit. I woke to Chompy's hunger groans around 11:30 and finally gave her some grub. I spent the next six hours looking for more jobs and finishing off my office and bathroom. And wow--both look great. My office is like a real office complete with networked computers and is no longer a breeding room for crap. Around 5:30 I got down to business on playing a new game on the Homestar Runner website. I found it last night and thankfully sent the link to Michael. He already was further than I was (considerably further) and he gave me enough hints to get me through it. It's one of those games that you have to type what you want to do and it was my first experience with them. I don't know how people were patient enough to play those games. GET snacks. USE chompy. TALK jamie ABOUT backrubs. It was tedious and had it not been for the Master Gamer (Michael), I'd most likely be still sitting in the first level trying commands like WIN game or F@#$ you. This evening I made my own "culinary abortion" in the form of cajun chicken. I stupidly forgot the size of my new burners and I didn't realize there was a problem until the outside was black and the insides raw as I didn't have the meat over the burner. It was the worst meal I've made in a long time. Oh well. Earlier today I went to Publix since I had quite literally nothing to eat (but plenty of condiments). Before I left I set up Chompy's cage. She barked and whined the whole time I was gone and totally freaked out when I got back. She tried to escape by gripping two of the bars and squeezing them together, but alas, the hole was not big enough for her to escape. Tomorrow I'm heading to temp agencies with a dumbed-down resume in the hopes that less education translates to me spending the rest of my life in Tallahassee.




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