Out of Money | 08/02/04

Despite going to bed around 3am I woke up at 8 with no alarm. I think what did it was the fact there was no clock in my room so I had no idea if it was 6am or noon. I spent the morning setting up my office--the first stages anyway. I did the filing cabinets and filled my dresser with the hundreds of binders I've somehow managed to collect. I finished setting up the second receiver but discovered my computer only has one output. This afternoon I started on my living room before I picked up Abby to bring her to the vet. In true Ab-Style, she vomited repeatedly in my backseat before we arrived and I spent the next half-hour upon my return home cleaning the vomit-footprints. I sent out another 20 job applications today and hopefully something will happen soon. Tomorrow I hope to finish setting up the office and move on to the kitchen. It's useable right now, but it's so cluttered it really hard to make anything. I'll most likely be hitting up temp agencies on Wednesday in the hopes I can at least eek out enough money to pay my rent next month.




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