New Apartment | 08/01/04

Ah. All settled in. Sort of. From my office window I have a nice view of Lake Ella and I haven't heard more than a peep from any of my surroundings. Where to start such a massively long update?

I left off on the 28th...all the fish in my tropical tank died except for two gouramis and Dr. Suck, who are all doing fine now. Their water is crystal clear and although I feel terrible that so many fish died, at least I now know how to transfer fish safely in the future. The past few days have been a huge blur so here are the random thoughts I can piece together. Matt and Joe came over and we moved all of the big stuff. We went to Lowe's to get the truck around 7pm and we got all of the big things out except for the large fishtank, since those fish weren't ready to be moved and I'd already had enough fish die. During the day, Kathy watched Chompy and we all ordered pizza that night. The following day (7/29), Jara and I stayed up until around 3am cleaning and getting the rest of my things out of the old apartment. I ended up staying awake until 6:30 dealing with the filter on the large fish tank, which was now in the new apartment thanks to the muscles of Matt Flynn. On the 30th, Jara came over again and with the help of Jamie, the three of us cleaned my old apartment from top to bottom. Earlier in the day, Jamie and I moved over the cichlids and they all are swimmingly happily in their new nearly-graveless tank. Yesterday (7/31), the Comcast guy came at 9am sharp to install cable. My phone wasn't working but that's another entry unto itself. After he left, Jamie and I set up my office desk and dresser and then I went back to finish scrubbing off the Soft Scrub from the kitchen floor in my old place and pick up the last few things. Kathy came over a couple hours later and she and I hauled the cinder block sculpture down via the finally-working elevator. I turned in my key and left the hell hole known as the Florida Towers Apartment Complex (in Tallahassee Florida) that is owned by Phoenix Management. They were terrible so hopefully people smarter than I searching online for places to live will avoid there at all costs. I repeat: AVOID LIVING IN THE FLORIDA TOWERS APARTMENT COMPLEX AT ALL COSTS. Anyway, Chris, Michael, Jamie and Jara came over for a small house warming party. Chris christened the place with seltzer water and Jamie contributed the first pot of boiled-over water onto my stove. Today I watched the New Cubs and set up this computer. If I didn't have so much more to do I'd write more. Alas. Happy August.

I hate Cribbage.




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