I hate being a temp | 09/02/04

What? You want to offer me a real job? Benefits? Insurance? 401...K? The? Well, don't mind if I do. Oh, I wouldn't start until my four-week Manpower contract is up? You don't care that I didn't make it in until 9:00am? Oh, I see, so I'd still have to write names on folders for the next four weeks with a Sharpie. Well, small price to pay.

Have to go! Can't be late!


Loren (Unknown)

I hate not getting paid for holidays. I work for the school district and they are off for just about any pseudo/semi holiday. Plus they take what they call an “early release day” the day before the holiday. So it’s 3 hours I don’t get paid for plus the 8 for the holiday. Early release? Don't they have a pill for that? Christmas is around the corner and they plan on taking almost 3 weeks off. I wonder if they will give me a note to pass on to my landlord..



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