Pollproblem State | 09/04/04

Slowly but surely Frances is making her away across the Pollproblem State. We still have yet to have anything but beautiful weather here in the Panhandle, though. Apparently by the time it hits us tomorrow it will only be a tropical storm. From the recent news reports the eye has almost completely fallen apart but the problem is that now that its lost its power it's barely moving. It's supposed to slam into Tallahassee around noon tomorrow. I spent most of my day relaxing, watching college football. I placed first in my little pool on ESPN's College GameDay Pick'Em. Looking back I'm pleased with all my decisions but I don't remember choosing Tulane over Mississippi State...at all. I don't know what I would have made that selection. If given a second chance I still would have picked all the teams that wound up losing so I'm feeling pretty good that my errors were flukes. I was going to go to Publix to perhaps pick up an item or two but apparently the lines are insane so I'll just have to make do with what I bought for the last tropical storm...was it Bonnie? Something like that, some girl name.




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