Guest Entry Steve (1) | 09/06/04

Well, Mike asked me to do a couple of journal entries for him. Why, I’m not really sure but I figured why not? Anyway, today really was spent doing nothing but trying to play catch-up from the long weekend. I spent my weekend watching movies, congratulating my friend for coming back from the strip club with a stripper, and hanging out with some friends who came into town. Man, not much really happens here. I spent some time tonight sitting around a bonfire hanging out with some people I haven’t seen in a really long time. It was a good time. After that, I really just tried to sit down and tried to make some progress on this coin project that I need to get out of the way. Basically, I have to construct everything that I can from 114 coins, and tell the story of Earth. Sounds like a really dumb project, but yet, there is something cool about it. I doubt that any of you have ever read the book, “Mystery Motel”, but I would recommend everyone read it. It is a children’s book, yet a child wouldn’t really get it. It is like all the little things that animators throw into Disney movies. I remember the first time I learned of this type of thing, I was with my friend Jimmy and he was adamant about showing me how messed up some of the Disney people are. I swear, we watched two scenes from Aladdin and the Lion King over 30 times trying to see the word “sex” appear in the flowers and to hear Aladdin tell Jasmine to “take off her clothes”. How horrible is that? Anyway, I just finished having a conversation with a guy about how guys shouldn’t dance. Why don’t girls recognize this? I am not gifted with any sort of rhythm, as my musical abilities show. But dancing, my GL, not even a basic move to save my life. Oh well, the white male really isn’t expected to dance thankfully. I realize that this isn’t the best entry, but hopefully something interesting will happen tomorrow. As for now, I’m going to go talk to my friend who wants to go to Hooters, right now, and is also going to get himself in heaps of trouble for wearing a shirt that I thought up for him. He is an El Ed major and he has a shirt that says “Western Illinois University El Ed” on the front. On the back it says, “Touching children daily.” He is going to get himself arrested, again.

======September 6, 2004:Mike=====

Nothing happened. That is all there is to report. I tried to make a favicon.ico today and while I thought it was a successful attempt it apparently was not, since nothing is showing up. The favicon is the little icon next to the address in your browser. If you look at Brian's page you'll see his little blue, slanted URI! coming down. I spent my whole day with Jamie and we hung out anticipating the storm that never happened and killed the day playing everything from canasta to poker to Madden 1990. I don't have to work tomorrow because all the state offices in Leon County are closed. Hoorah.




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