Guest Entry: Steve (2) | 09/07/04

Today was really quiet and really busy. I got up too early and went to class, only to find that it was cancelled because my professor was foolish enough to go to Florida, Miami in particular despite the fact that a hurricane was coming in to ravage the landscape. Hopefully everyone down there is alright and she has come to realize that life is too short to continue teaching an awful class as poorly as an educated chimp. I spent some time then chatting with a different professor and talking about everything from politics to my future goals. Overall, the conversation was pretty damn worthless, but I did find out some information that might prove useful. After that I proceeded to go to another class where the professor read straight from his notes for the however many days Iíve been in class. His class is awful. Boring beyond belief. The only good thing is that we talked about birth order and the characteristics of each child. I laughed aloud at some of the crap they had to say about both the oldest and youngest child. Either way, having grown up the way I did, I think that it is a load of crap. After that I got to hear about how awful my partnerís step-cousins wedding was, all because the cousin married a whore after breaking her up from her first marriage. Got to love society and its trends. Next I went to my only good class and listened to all sorts of news about recent findings in historical research. Soon there after I proceeded to go and work with my group for two and half hours and we came up with nothing, I mean nothing, for a big project that we need to get done. It really sucked because there is only one other person who has a brain and is willing to use it. Well, maybe two, but he was too quiet to help the situation. After that I came home, grabbed a crappy dinner and then have been working all night to get through my piles of homework. Iím also in the hunt for some jobs and trying to straighten out some things with some former friends of mine. As of now, Iím watching the Cubs struggle to score some more runs and wondering what is wrong with Clement and how much it will impact the Cubs winning the World Series. Thatís about it. A little fuller day than yesterday, but I canít say much more interesting.

=====September 7:Mike=====

I had the day off work and spent it working on scores. Boring day all around for my family.




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