Guest Entry: Steve (4) | 09/09/04

Today sucked. I studied my ass off and then got to class and didnít have the test. In that sense itís good. But, now I have two tests on Tuesday and both of them are going to be worthless. My classes are worthless. I got a decent nights sleep last night and all was good until some douche-bitch left his alarm going from 6:30-7:30 and I was kept up by it. Oh well, itís not like I needed sleep or anything. I had some time today where I talked with one of my professors about a project. With the exception of him shooting down some of my major ideas, it was really worthwhile. I also planned some stuff out for an upcoming event with a couple of different groups. After that I came home only to find myself strung along on a long ass journey over to Walmart to look for a game that I swear doesnít exist in this damn town and then eventually found myself stealing all sorts of goodies from Kmart and Taco Bell. Ahh, what a day. After that I came back and we all talked about what needed to be bought for this weekend. Joeís turning 21 and it is our goal to get him blasted beyond belief. Hopefully it will work out and that antics that result from it will be included in later journal entries. On top of that, I have an incredibly busy weekend in which I have to get tons of projects done. But on to a different note. I sucked it up tonight at Poker. Well, I did alright, but nothing great. Only went up around a hundred bucks or so. I got off a lot better than Mike did. I also held a fencing clinic tonight. It was great except that now my chest is covered with bruises and a guy ripped my shirt even before the bout started. Such is the life of a guy trying to teach people to control their anger. Something odd about that statement. But speaking of fencing and anger, it takes me back to when I first started and I went up against this one left handed kid. He knew he had an advantage because lefties are gold in the sport since there are so few of them. Well anyway, he was a little dick and all he did was slap at me and try to hit me in the sack. So after a couple of minutes of this I slammed my pommel into his helmet and was all ready to go fight him when my instructor came up and told me I had to control myself. It was at that point that I learned a valuable lesson. Now usually, if this was some crappy movie Iíd say that I learned I need to control my anger or that I should rise above it. No, I just learned to deal with that little dick on my own time when there isnít someone I respect around to stop me from kicking his ass. Anyway, I saw that guy or a guy who looked like him the other day and I tripped him. Oh well. Thatís my day.

=====September 9: Mike=====

You take the good, you take the bad and there you have the facts of life. I received word today that I would indeed be hired in two weeks and my starting pay would be $27k. It's more than I expected but I anticipate making more as I move along. My job title has both Liaison and Manager, so take that William and Mary. The bad news is that I lost $500 Yahoo dollars in poker. I made amends with the woman that asked me if I was an employee yesterday so I won't have to waste my time purging her files anymore. I found out one of my fellow temps is on probation...and is 21...and has three-year-old twins. Ah, temps. I'll miss being among your prestigious ranks. I have officially abandoned the fall color scheme because I just don't like it anymore. I also added a links page to the left frame. It's not made up all nice yet, but you get the idea.




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