GRE Madness | 10/22/06

I had an exciting weekend hanging out with Ricky and Jamie and doing a lot of laundry and cleaning. Had two sheets not been hiding at the very bottom of my bedroom closet I would have gotten all four hundred and sixty six loads done. Oh well. I found out my parents will not be visiting me next week so the serious cleaning I put on my kitchen might not have been as valuable although I'm sure anyone dining and and around my home will find it nice. I learned that I am not nearly as smart as I was 5.2 years ago when I last took the GRE. My diagnostic test revealed a 680 on the verbal and a whopping 430 on the math. Ouch. When I took it the first time my math score was way better than my verbal. I guess I read more than I do math nowadays so whatever. It was disheartening that after studying the geometrey section again getting a score in the 400s. The algebra and trig sections came up nicely though. I'm the most concerned about the writing. They suggest "changing the style of your sentences" and I don't even know what that means. Don't start everything with "I..."? At the end of the day even if I bomb and get 430s in each section and a 1/6 on the writing I can still go to FSU. Hah!




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