Guest Entry Steve (6) | 09/12/04

Well my last entry really wonít be of any major significance to anyone. Having followed my life for a week now, Iím sure that everyone is aware of how boring it is. Such is my life though. This is the path that Iíve found myself on and for the most part there are nothing but minor changes associated with it on a daily basis. Today was spent with a quick scramble to make it to church on time. After serving as an usher, I quickly made my way back to the dorm where I did some homework. Soon there after we went out to the BBQ and had a good time. We had about 20 or so people show up and the food was pretty good. I can say this after I almost threw up earlier from all the grease I inhaled in the process of eating 6 cheeseburgers. After some volleyball and football, football being the more dangerous of the two sports since Tim cut his entire right arm up when jumping into a tree and Paul banged up his right arm as well. Tim will likely have a very nice scar when all is said and done. Since I got back, I have not really done anything except some homework and taken the occasion break. There is much that I can say. Iíll go out on the same dull note that I started all of this on. So with that, I think that Iím done.

=====September 12, 2004=====

Since nothing happened today, I had to resort to using one of my stock-pictures. I didn't write a stock-update to go with it so I guess I'm going to have to fake it. Oh, I've got it. October 9th: There's a football game and it's my birthday. If you live in the area, you're cordially invited to Birthday Poker Night. That's it.




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