Frameless Site Design | 09/13/04

I guess now that Steve's entries are officially done the job of boring people falls to me once again. Rest assured I will not let you down. Even though I only got about three hours of sleep I was glad to be awake at 6am after the scary dream I had. I got ready quickly but Chompy refused to go in the backyard. Eventually I relented and took her out the front (stupid me). I saw Google had updated this site today...but again, the frames made it not work so well (at all). I was especially productive at work today and got to meet some of my coworkers. Everything was going fine with my duties: take a big box of papers, go through sheet by sheet and determine if we need to keep it or toss it according to Florida's policies on public records. I was hauling for a good three hours and the morning was flying by. And then...I opened up one of our Terminated Employee boxes (my favorite because I get to read about the dumb things past employees have done to get canned). I was about halfway through the box when I pulled out a folder and set it on my lap. I opened it up and there was a dead, 3" roach, laying on it's back, flashing me its bits. Naturally, I screamed and everyone came into my cubicle. Maybe it's because I'm the only male in my area, or because I'm a total dorkus when it comes to bugs, all the women had a good laugh at me. And none of the scooped it up. So now there's a dead roach laying on my floor, right near all the papers I have to clean up. Being a good employee, I dragged a box of trash over the scary carcass and moved to another cubicle on the other side of the building. My new cubicle was closer to the boxes and I quickly filled up all three of the offices trash bins. Except they weren't trash bins. On the side it says: When this is full, you've saved half a tree. Proud of the tree and a half I saved I bragged to the woman who had once asked me if I was an employee. She then told me those were for shredding purposes only and that we had to pay per paper we send out to be shred. Since I put about 2500 papers in those bins today, that's not good. I had no choice but to tell a white lie and say they were classified records (those need to be shredded). Hopefully that will be the secret of the soon-to-be-rich shredding guy and me alone. The afternoon dragged by and as soon as I got home (in six minutes) I took a nice little nap despite Marty reminding me how much I despite a particular so-and-so who appears to be up to his lying again. I watched the Packers game and worked on my new frames-less page. Viola!




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