Hurricane Ivan | 09/15/04

This insomnia is no good. With my box project done at work I had nothing to do for a couple hours in the morning. Coupled with it being extremely and my eyes drying out, it was a certain cause of sleep. I did my best to fight it but still nodded off a few times. Things cleared up when I finally got put in charge moving all this crap from the storage room up to our new storage floor. At my disposal were the three mailroom guys, so I got to practice my "bossing" skills. Once we lugged all the stuff up with these huge carts, I let them go and moved all of my boxes myself. I didn't do this out of the goodness of my heart, I did it because I was afraid that if I let them help I'd once again have nothing to do and fall asleep again. I finally got the dozen boxes I needed upstairs and went to lunch. I met Jamie at CFA and we chowed quickly before I returned for the second half of my boring day. My immediate boss, Wayne, decided I could start scanning the files that I had brought upstairs. I was irritated that he didn't tell me this until after he had told me to move them all upstairs. Once I got it down I spent the next three hours pulling staples and sending things through the scanner with periods of nodding off. I got home, took a nap, and hung out with Jamie and Abby while we balked at Ivan.




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