Sharing Wyatt | 09/17/04

Aside from a great day at work, I was supposed to teach my first lesson with Chris Rix backup, Wyatt. Apparently, Mark Connor was supposed to do the same thing. Foolishly, Wyatt didn't tell us about each other and we ended up choosing the same meeting time and place. Once we figured out what was going on we decided we didn't want to be played. Not that it mattered--he didn't show up. Work went by really quickly and I got a lot done. After work I discovered Chompy was gone--stolen by Jamie to play at her parents' house with The Ab. It seems Chompy was not on her best behavior, probably because I wasn't there to exert my cruel authority. Jamie went to Michael's concert and I stayed home and slept. Tomorrow I hope to finish up the last of my scores and watch some football.




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