State Jobs | 09/21/04

Even though I only got about three hours of sleep, I managed to get up on time. I got to work a little bit late, but was able to sneak into my back-wall cubicle before anyone noticed. I stayed busy for a good hour before the lack of sleep caught up with me. I continued to pull staples out of people's personnel files while fighting the sleep-sleeps. Trying to stay mentally active, and having a cubicle far from the beaten path, I had what seemed like a great idea. I would do The Robot while I scanned papers. I figured moving around even that little bit extra would give my brain the extra blood. Tuning my mental radio to the All-Devo station, I started doing the sitting-robot while I scanned. Things were going well, real well. At some point, the HR director was standing behind me. I have no idea how long she was standing there and how much of my impromptu performance she saw. She wasn't smiling, and she's about my age, so I gather she must have just caught the ending snippet. She told me that I was to come with her into the 2nd-In-Commands office to talk. Not sure how to reply since she had just seen my dancing, I told her my eyes were dry. Quick thinking right there. Apparently they didn't hold my dancing against me. #2 told me that Manpower had agreed to release me of my contract early and I, with two other temps, would be on the payroll as of tomorrow. I called Jamie to tell her the news, but she wasn't there. I then text-messaged Chris (look at me, Mr. High-Tech) to see if he wanted to go to Gordo's with me. He did. It occurred to me that I had no money, though. I remembered my security deposit in the car...but wait--I wanted to appeal their less-than-generous offer. I quickly drafted up a message filled with various legal terms I'd read after going through hundreds of personnel files. I printed it off on our JUSTICE KICKS ASS letterhead and went over. Manny, my former landlord, was surprisingly nice when he saw me and he said he'd take care of the difference. I then hopped over to the Bank of America to deposit the check and get some lunch money. Chris beat me there by a bit, judging on his parking space. We pigged out and then returned back to our respective laboring. I made it back to work around 1:25...a little later than I probably should have. Knowing I was late for the second time in one day, I went up the back stairs and made it back to the cubicle unseen. Flopping into my chair, I decided I'd go and check a little email. I loaded up all the sites using the mandated IE and was just looking at the unblocked popup of online casinos when Mrs. HR comes in behind me again. I quickly try to close the pop-ups but there's so many of them, I can only get to about half. She probably thought I was looking at porn or something. I was just checking my email! She said something to the effect of that she was happy to finally find me after lunch and that we could finally get to the orientation program that I apparently delayed by a half-hour. I signed all the paperwork and went back to work. Ok, so I had a late day--there is no way they could find anyone to my job as fast as I can (assuming I'm not tired). Within the safety of my state job, life is good. I have a performance review in three months, so I have to make sure I work buku overtime between now and then so I can get my 5-10% raise. After work I mailed the last two scores and took a nap. Jamie and I hit the Wizard of OG for dinner and then I came back and worked on the last piece, a very very very weird arrangement of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen that is crazy-tough for the inner voices (and transcriber).




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