Kosta's: Tallahassian for nasty. | 08/31/06

Ah, the last day before a four day weekend. I'm really happy with my job right--due to other people having more on their plates than usual I've gotten the chance to pick up some programming work in place of doing business-y type things and that makes me happy. Looking back it seems like just 18 months ago I truly believed I could code without knowing what an array was and now I'm writing PHP webservices for .NET XML feeds. It's amazing how quickly you can learn things when you have no choice but to learn them.

Last night we played a gig at Kosta's on Pensacola and there were about eight people there. It was too bad because I was shredding. Don't get me wrong, I'm a bad-ass soloist all the time but last night--whew, I was smoking. Pete also came to play congas with us and the young pup just celebrated his 25th birthday. Awww. After three days straight of karate my whole body is hurts but I'm sure I'll find a way to get over it. Last night I had to work with this creepy 40-something who could produce sweat like no other. He also makes sounds that "describe" the move he's about to make. That's damn unnerving. His gi is a very, very stained white one and frankly I'd be more afraid of him if I saw him on the street than just about any thug-looking guy. Not that I'm all high and mighty now (because I've always been high and mighty) but this guy also just got his yellow belt. How am I supposed to work with someone that doesn't know anything about anything? There is only one other purple belt male and he's only in the Wednesday class and I think they want to work with someone of you own size. I just don't think that's very fair. Not that a 15 year who weighs 100 pounds is going to attack me but unless someone is at least as tall as I am, and no one is except the other purple belt guy, it's really hard to practice the "right" way. Whatever. It's my day off so I'm just rambling. Go state!




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