Biotch | 09/23/04

What a frustrating day. Well, it was. This is one of my favorite types of journal entries...the belated type. I spent quite literally all day working on a stupid form for my new website at work. This form was made as a "form" in MS Word 2003 and I must say, it looked good. Real good. Beyoncé good. My problem was trying to make html look like that. I suggested (along with everyone other than the boss-boss, Vicki) that we just make it into a pdf form, since we have that new PDF Writer that I've been wanting to try. But no. She wants the forms in html--just because.

As if that wasn't painful enough, my first two attempts in Dreamweaver were terrible. I figured it could be that different than FrontPage, which I use here because, well, it's pretty easy to use. The attempts were laughed at by the IT guys and the acted as though I had made them as a joke. It looks like I'll have to brush up on my table-building skills on HTML tonight and do it completely from scratch tomorrow (and since it's a belated-entry, I do brush up and you'll be pleased to know everyone loves my new form). The only high point in the day was when I was scanning a couple of files and I came to the last name Beotch. Biotech...




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