Learn HTML | 09/24/04

Today was a good day at work. Dare I say, a great day. My from-html-scratch form (as mentioned in my previous post) was a hit and I finally made it to the interesting boxes to scan. The most interesting file was on a woman named Sch*****. She was/is a huge advocate of keeping killers, serial rapists, etc alive and won notoriety in Florida for keeping prisoners out of the chair (well, chamber). Apparently when the now defunct CCR hired her, everyone from the governor to the other employees to us taxpayers threw a huge fit and started sending all this hate mail, which ended up in her personnel file. It made for some interesting reading. I also stumbled across a thesis on male prostitution in Charlotte, NC. Jamie came over for a home cooked pot roast. It was a little on the dry side but on the whole, it was pretty damn delicious. It's not as good as my mom's but in my defense, I think she holds the #1 spot in the world for pot roast cooking. Jamie and I were about halfway through the atrocious My Big Fat Greek Wedding when she got a rape call. Poor Jamie.




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