Chompy's Nest | 09/26/04

What a long night. Seriously. While apparently I'm capable of preventing hurricanes from smashing into Tallahellsee, I have no power to stop tropical depressions. My power was out last night from around 10ish, come back on just enough to make sure all the filters in my fishtanks would suck in enough water to cause them to stop working entirely. Somewhere between 12:30 and 1am, I hear a huge thud, like Chris Farely falling off a ladder and dying next door. At the same time, the power goes out (again). Thinking it was one of my neighbors, I stumbled in the dark for some pants made it out about ten minutes later. All my neighbors were congregated around talking about this fallen tree. It had fallen into a power line. While we were all hanging out in the pitch black, one of the city vans came out and after talking to some people told us that those of us on my side of the town houses weren't allowed back in because the line had fallen into a newly developed lake of water in someone's backyard. Exhausted, I took Chompy and we climbed into the Taurus to ride out the wait. Why did we have to not be in our apartments? Whatever. Around 4:30am I woke up and everyone was gone and went back inside. It was roughly three hundred degrees (Kelvin) and the power was still off. I set my cell phone alarm for 7am. When it went off I had been asleep for about an hour, completely naked on the couch downstairs. I was still soaked in sweat and my desire for fresh linens was the only thing that got me out of bed. As I climbed up the stairs towards the shower I realized the bad news--still no power. Sleepwalking through my powerless morning, I let Chompy out, fed her and sat in my semi-cleaned kitchen waiting for someone from work to come by my house with an order of Chick-Fil-A and a note saying I didn't have to go to work. At 7:30 the power finally came back on. I put Chompy in her cage and got in the car. As I was turning the car on I realized I had left my windows open. A few seconds later, I see this head--this dog-head. Did I forget to lock Chompy's nest/cage? Yes. Did I forget my wallet? Yes. Belt? Yes.




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