I need a raise | 09/27/04

What a long day. Is there any other response to such a long night? I made it to work close to on time, although a misswallow of Coke upon my arrival almost left me honking out my car door. About two hours into work I received the dreaded news--I was going to be relocated. I really like my cubicle. I have a direct path to the door and no on ever comes by me unless they specifically need to talk to me about something. And since no one knows what exactly I do, no one ever comes to talk to me. Not anymore. I've been drafted by the IT department to build websites for the circuit courts as well as ours. The circuit courts I have to myself, so I can make them as hideous as I want--the others I'm stuck with a couple other people, not that the two of them have invited me back since Eye caught me in a look-down. From 3:30pm on I had nothing to do so I wasted the taxpayers money by building ships out of post-it notes. I figured someone online must have tried it before but I couldn't find any directions so I made my own as I went (and a few thousand prototypes later, I had it). When I got home I was in the mood to make this page look a little bit nicer so I started in on that. Hopefully it will be ok by October. The new site will still be frameless but it will look a little less remedial (I'm hoping, anyway).




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