Dull State Life | 09/28/04

Bleh. Man, when you work, there is just nothing to talk about. I finished scanning the major players from the past branch of the government, concluding my work soap-opera. The box with the missing people showed up but two of the all-star players had these tiny files. As I read through what little there was, they apparently had their records subpoenaed as they were leaving and took the liberty of taking out all of the things that would have made my job interesting. Hopefully my book will come soon. I took a nice nap during my lunch break but woke up with a huge red welt on my face from where the corner of the seat was resting on my forehead as well as a sleeve splattered with BBQ sauce from lunch. This afternoon we had a meeting about the fancy phones and timesheets. I'm an inclusive employee, which means I really don't get much of anything. I don't get comp time as I thought, but overtime, assuming it's approved. That sucks. One of my coworkers told me that he's been working for the state for two years and now gets five weeks off per year. Wow, five weeks. I also finally got my supervisor assigned today but I have a feeling he and I will cross paths only via email and for me to drop off my time card. I might be coming down with a cold of some sort. I blame Julia, the girl on the outside of my cubicle fort, who had been sick for the past week. I'll most likely finish the rest of the nobodys with the scanning tomorrow and then I'll move onto making websites. I was excited about it until I saw how fancy some of the existing ones are. There are a lot of things I can't do and, even worse, things that would take a long time to learn. One of the things I certainly can't do is this--make those drop-down boxes that are partially transparent. Eek. I can't even get those rollover boxes to work, let alone with all the features they want. I might suggest something along the lines of a former student. Oh well, what can you do? The one they want to base it on is this one and you can see (if you use IE) the way the options kind of cascade down. The extent of my knowledge is something like this: it uses an array. Thank you, thank you.




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