Webmaster of Yee-Haw County | 09/30/04

My God, Chompy. I feel awful. I spent all day working on this stupid website and the people who want it out in YeeHaw County won't even email me back to tell me what they want. Since I was loudly sick at work, people avoided me, giving me time to think of ways to spite these Third Circuits for their inability to communicate. I made some really trashy image-swap pictures. In fact, right now all of the images have swaps....Florida State Courts gets a crudely drawn MS Paint gavel across the middle....the Columbia courthouse gets a smiling Mr. Sun, etc. None of them are particularly offensive, which is fine. Then they won't know if I'm being serious or not and maybe not say anything about the subtle gif where a car drives in and out of the Taylor County Courthouse parking lot. I got home from work and immediately slept. Chompy has been a total bitch all night and woke me up around 7:30pm. Speaking of sleep, I slept in five minute increments last night. It was horrible. The only good thing that happened was that I finally was able to get a basic box-spewing navigation bar. It's remedial but it works. Tomorrow is most likely my last day in my old office. I should probably empty out my stockpile of used Kleenex from the drawers. And boxes. And cabinets. Why isn't the WB showing the election debate? I don't even know what shows are on the WB anymore. Competing for the time slot, MTV will be showing "Pimp My Ride". Hooray for America!




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