Google Recaching | 10/01/04

Semi-hooray. Google refound my frameless site after a month of not finding anything. It didn't find any of the attached pages, though. Why, I'm not sure. While I understand that >meta name="robots" content="index,follow"< is the default for crawling, I put it in just to be safe, but it did it follow? Nope. My clogged up nose gave way to coughing spells that revealed some of the less pleasant workings of my inner-body. From 3:30-5pm a guy named Spider Webb, owner of Webb Solutions, met with me about how to use our scanner. He could have answered the question I had in fifteen seconds over the phone but insisted on wasting both of our time with comments such as, "I know you already know how to do this but let's go through it". Once he left I received the consolation of my cubicle neighbors and we all had a good laugh at his story about how his claim to fame was his kid playing on the same team as one of the kids of a former temporary member of the Allman Brothers. Like, not Duane or Gregg...but someone who filled in while the real group was disbanded. Jamie was kind enough to come over and hang out with me even though I was sick and most likely contagious. The new page is almost ready but not quite. I'm still trying to decide what to do with all the archived stuff and, more importantly, if I brave enough to attempt to do some things with my basic (but growing) knowledge of Javascript.




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