My God Chompy, not again | 08/30/06

Why did I let Christine talk me into going to karate on Wednesdays?? Wednesdays are the advanced class and we were the two lowest belts there. The I'm not sure how I'm even alive. There were about 20 people in the class (up from the six we usually go with) and everyone but us got make a big circle and learn some new, magical kenpo that apparently is capable of fending of a bear, tiger angry motorist. We stayed in the back with one of the black belts and learned one of our new combinations by ourselves. The individual attention was shocking rare so we were grateful to have a good half hour to do nothing but learn the many steps of Mauling Tiger in tiny pieces. This one goes from really practical to totally stupid in a matter of seconds. If I throw someone on the ground using my forearms and they whack the ground why should I go down their to rake their face when I can just kick their face? Too bad you're not allowed to ask questions.

Jamie had all but forgotten a gig we have Thursday night so she and I will not be playing poker. If you have nothing to do (ha!) and still live in town (ha!) we'll be playing at the Kosta's on Pensacola at 9pm. No one will be there and I think beer is $5 for a refillable pitcher if sort of thing is still important to you.




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