Tennis Pounding | 10/03/04

Jamie did not bring me my racket this morning. Not that it would have helped me. Theory-Chris demonstrated his superiority this morning against my horribly out of shape body. He was very nice and didn't even complain when I'd pull a ball out of my pocket and then hit it into the net, though I must have done this two dozen times. Thoroughly exhausted I came back home and started a new piece, something I haven't been able to do for a while. It's weird--weirder than anything I've written and what I thought sounded cool-weird this afternoon turned out to be just regular-weird tonight. I talked to both Laura and Mary online today for the first time in ages. Both are alive and Laura is teaching at a huge high school in Georgia. Judging from their campus map, it looks like they're roughly the size of UWM or WIU in land size. Tonight Jamie and I spent our evening killing the houseflies that have overrun my house. I think they're attracted to the dog poop in the back yard and then they sneak in when I let Chompy in and out. Stupid flies.




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