1024x768 | 10/04/04

Is it finished? Not entirely. Is it tacky? Definitely. Do you need to view it in 1024x768+? Yes. Well anyway, this is the new general layout of my page. It's still missing a sitemap and a version without the spinning selector at the top and the big Urizone link from the sidebar menu, but for the most part, this is as good as it's going to get. I'd like to separate the entries (like at the bottom) but I'm too tired to do that now. I had a friend at work help me with the spinning top but I'm proud to say it's mostly mine. What I really wanted was a mouseover that made it spin, instead of those buttons but we gave up. I found out that, compared to my coworkers I make nothing. It was very sad but I tried to play it cool. Tonight Jamie made me some soup since I'm still coughing a lot. My house is still infested with flies but not nearly as many. Hopefully they'll all be dead by Saturday, so everyone can celebrate my birthday in fly-peace.




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