JavaScript by Osmosis | 10/05/04

How many masters degrees does it take to set an alarm clock? More than I have apparently. When I went to slide it into the "on" position last night, I guess I just pushed it far enough to light up the "alarm" dot without actually turning on the "play loud radio static" setting. Oops. I was only fifteen minutes late, which I made up after work. Today went by really, really slowly. The only thing that kept me awake was my constant coughing. There's no doubt in my mind that I disturb the whole floor with my severe attacks. I made tentative plans with my potential-work-friend, Ricky to play poker twice a month. First things first, though--my party on Saturday. I think I need to send out formal invitations or call people or something. Matt Flynn came by tonight and we hung out for a few hours. I hadn't seen Matt since the end of July so I'm really glad he came by to hang out with me. I think I'm ready to try one of those learn-while-you-sleep tapes. I fell asleep while watching some show on sharks today and was actively dreaming about them, so hopefully a tape that either teaches me javascript or tells me not to eat cookies in the morning in favor of bran would work as well. God, my entries are getting really lame. I'm sorry. If you can't figure out the present preview by now, you're in trouble.




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