My New Office | 10/06/04

That's right--it's dirt. Not that you can really tell, but you can take my word for it. I finally received the dreaded news today--new office. Thanks to a corrupt file or two I got to spend my day doing nothing. And not normal nothing, like shopping on nothing. I tried to scan some things but quickly grew weary of it, so I just messed around until my computer was fixed. If memory serves, and it does, it was fixed at 4:55. Tomorrow I'm going to just sit at my new table, with no work to do. The boss-boss, Vicky, told them they needed to get me set up right away so I could start working on "a big project". No one knows what this project is, though. I'm guessing that the former webmaster is being moved to "a big project" so I will officially take over the production server and switch titles from Public Records Manager, Liaison to the Comptroller/Asst. Webmaster to Lord of All Things With Power Cords. Anyway, as I was sitting around I heard a lecture on the many uses of Fuller's earth, a type of clay found in Florida and Georgia. The IT Director (not technically his title since Vicky won't let anyone else have "director" in their title) used to work for the Department of Agriculture and he was listing all the foods and products that use this dirt. And my god, Chompy, it's everything. Candy bars and medicine and just about any processed food has this dirt in it. After being grossed out for most of the morning I met up with Chris for a long-long lunch. When I got home, immediately after taking Dr. Chomp out I fell asleep. I have no recollection of anything but I woke up at 7:35 thinking it was 7:35am. I was freaking out as I frantically got ready for work. I didn't notice that it wasn't bright enough to be the morning because I was in panic mode. In the middle of my morning routine is checking all the sites I have on my toolbar. One of them is the stats for this page. 28 hits already? That's weird. Then I checked my computer clock and realized my error. Oops, I did it again.

If you can't guess it today, you should work for the State.




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