Happy Birthday To Me | 10/09/04

Happy Birthday me. What a great birthday, definitely the best I've had in Florida. Jamie and I went to some abysmal garage sales and didn't spend a penny. When came back to my house and she made me a breakfast feast. Mmm, feast. I then took a nap and went shopping. When I returned I came upon Chompy's gift to me--she had induced the pregnant fish in the hospital tank to give birth. 20+ birthday fish! Between the filter and other hazards, they disappeared in halves every time I looked at the tank; right now there are only six left. But still, birthday fish are birthday fish. Ricky came over halfway through the football game, just as Jamie was leaving to go to Emo-Matt's wedding reception. Around 10:00 Jara arrived just ahead of Matt. Soon thereafter Marty, Theory-Chris and Kathy appeared with Chris & Michael showing up about twenty minutes later. We delved into the cookie cake and chocolate pie. After sending ourselves into hyperglycemic shock with Chris' massive pieces of cookie cake, six of us returned to the kitchen for the featured event, poker. Matt, Chris, Michael and Jara settled into some Taboo while the rest of us battled for poker supremacy. By 1:45am it was down to me and Ricky and he edged me out for the modest pot. I then went to bed a tired boy...I mean man.




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