Be A Man | 10/10/04

Much like every birthday I've had since I turned 18, I had the internal "it's time to grow up and be a man" speech with myself. Sadly, I still feel the same so perhaps the age to be a man is 26. I spent much of the day doing things I had done when I was 24...namely, nothing. My goal for the year is to go to bed at a reasonable time, like 11:30pm. God knows I'm tired then but I continue to stay up really late, effectively forcing myself to nap the next day, putting my into the vicious nap-cycle.

The only productive, if you can call it that, thing I did today was try to learn about style sheets. I have the basics, so I guess I'll find out how much I really know when I start using them at work. I was surprised to find that I couldn't find a single example online of someone naming theirs doggystyle.css




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