Nesting Tables at a 12th Grade Level | 10/11/04

After a mere two months I finally got to do something at work today. My style sheets were pretty remedial but I'm nesting tables at a 12th grade level. The day flew by for the first time because I had so enough to keep me busy. Even though I'm not in with the IT guys, because obviously I'm not really one of them, I'm slowly making progress. At 4:45pm I got an assignment by some woman from the budget department. As soon as she left, RB came out of his office and gave me the low-down on her and how everyone who doesn't work in our section is certifiably insane. For example, the boss-boss, wants the page to have a patterned background with text over the top (see below). It looks terrible but what can I do? That's right nothing.

You'll be pleased to know nine of the cichlid fry are still alive and doing well. After work I accidentally fell asleep for a while. Oops, I did it again.




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